Flies for our Yakima River Adventure

We are headed to the Yakima River this weekend for a little adventure and a change of scenery. I thought I would put together a list of some flies we’ll be taking to cover all of our bases up there. 

Counterintuitively, the Yakima River runs high all summer long, and wading isn’t a great option. We will be mostly fishing from a boat and not wade fishing. This is a great time of year to be out there as the fishing is varied and there are a lot of hatches happening. If we are lucky hoppers will be going strong and we will mostly be fishing hopper and hopper dropper rigs, the second choice will be indicator fishing with a double nymph rig, and third choice will be streamer fishing. 

Here’s a list of some flies I put together of things I’ll be filling my box with to make sure I have my bases covered. 

Dry fly’s


Chubby Purple Size 10

RIO’s Juicy Hopper Gold Size 10

Orange Hi-Vis Micro Chubby Size 12

Adult Crane Size 10

Josh’s Little Foam Caddis Tan Size 14

Balloons Caddis Olive Size 14

RIO’s Dry Humper Olive Size 14




Rio’s Extrovert Tan

Jig Sparkle Yummy Olive Size 6




Hot Spot Girdle Size 10

Rib Roast Size 8

Silvey’s Caddis Pupa Tan Size 16

TNT Baetis Size 16

Drag Queen Size 16

Tungsten Jig Hot Tag PT Size 16

Tungsten Jig Naughty Bunny Size 16

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