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Tube flies are another gift from our angling friends across the pond; they are popular in Scandinavian and other European countries, where tube flies tied for Salmon using metal or plastic tubes instead of hook shanks allow for more versatility and interchangeability in the pattern. While artistically different from our Steelhead offerings, even though these fish have very similar habits, the basic function remains the same. Tube flies can be adapted to most patterns used for Steelhead, Trout, and other species.

The advantage of tube flies is the ability to adjust hook sizes or change out damaged hooks on the stream. Since tube flies are tied on tubes, the angler simply slides their tippet through the tube and ties their hook of choice directly to the tippet. If a hook becomes dull or damaged, it is easily replaced. In some cases, using a loop knot to the hook allows the tube fly to have the same fish-hooking characteristics of an Intruder style fly, with the hook trailing behind the fly for a better chance at connecting to those short strikes.

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Tube Flies

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