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Modern fly fishing reels have evolved into useable art, crafted from exotic metals and space-age composites that push the envelope of design and function. A fly reel is no longer a simple tool; it is a reflection of the angler's passion for the sport of fly fishing and a nod to the makers whose imagination and skill come full circle alongside streams, rivers, and lakes around the world.

While billet aluminum is the common thread that runs through most fly reels, proprietary drag designs differentiate between brands and models. Carbon fiber is one of the more recent materials incorporated into drag systems, but cork, Rulon, stainless steel, and Teflon can be found in many fly reels; the ultimate goal is a smooth, consistent drag with low start-up inertia to protect light tippets while providing enough drag resistance to battle trophy fish.

Anglers have unlimited choices when choosing a new fly reel for a favorite fly rod. The offerings are endless; from classic click and pawl Hardy Fly Reels like the Lightweight series or Perfects to modern minimalistic creations like the Nautilus X or spidery Bauer RVR, there is a fly reel for every fly rod and application. Whether choosing an ultralight fly reel for a featherweight Trout fly rod or matching the brut strength of a Mako shark with a fly reel designed to stop a train, there are options to fit all budgets. Royal Treatment is proud to have long relationships with most US manufacturers of quality fly reels and personally use what we sell. We offer the best fly reels from Abel, Aspen, Bauer, Hardy, Hatch, Lamson, Nautilus, Ross, and Sage.

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