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Euro Nymphs and the techniques used to fish them have become popular with Trout anglers across the USA. Originating with competitors in fly fishing championships held in Europe, where the goal is to catch as many fish as possible in an allotted time, Euro nymphing is exceptionally effective at producing results on our local streams. The combination of a heavy Euro nymph matched to a specialized Euro nymphing leader gets the fly down quickly in front of feeding fish, producing more fish to hand.

One common trait of most Euro nymphs is a quick sinking tungsten bead, matched to a slim profile body that plummets through the water, getting the fly down to fish holding in fast water. The tight-line presentation detects even the lightest takes, providing the angler pays attention to the "sighter" material used in the Euro nymphing leader. In most cases, two Euro nymphs are attached to the leader, with a larger, heavier fly at the end of the leader and a smaller Euro nymph on a dropper above. This allows the angler to fish on the bottom of the stream and slightly higher in the water column.

If there is a drawback to Euro nymphing, it would be that, in some cases, it is too effective, putting added pressure on fragile resources. Anglers using Euro nymphing techniques successfully should self-regulate and not attempt to catch every fish in the pool. As an old adage says, "Limit your kill, don't kill your limit." Even in this era of catch-and-release angling, we need to respect our fisheries and minimize our impact. Catch a few, then move down the river, leaving a few fish for your fellow anglers.

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