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Over the past century, fly fishing rods have always been constructed from the popular materials of the time. From Greenheart (wood) to split bamboo, then fiberglass and carbon fiber, anglers have always benefited from advances in techniques and technology as industrialization trickled down to the production of fly fishing rods and reels. With new materials and designs, fly rods have become ultra-lightweight, delivering casting performance unmatched in earlier years.

Since the introduction of carbon fiber, fly rod makers have constantly developed fly rods with new tapers and higher modulus graphite to push performance beyond perceived limits. With a focus on lightweight, durable blanks, fly rods have become more powerful and accurate, delivering flies to targets well beyond what was considered unreachable. In addition, fly rods no longer need to be stiff to be powerful. By blending materials and designing tapers for a particular action, well-designed fly rods are easy to cast while delivering incredible performance for casters of all levels.

When choosing a fly fishing rod, the angler needs to weigh the options against how the fly rod will be used and what fish species will be the target. Since there are many variables to consider, it is easy to get confused by all of the offerings. It is safe to say that the SUV of Trout fly fishing rods in the Western United States is a 9' 5wt. fly rod, balanced with a nice reel and a quality fly line. Depending on what type of fishing you plan to do, choose the rod that fits your budget and needs.

Since fly rod actions are a personal choice, casting as many rods as possible is essential before committing to a single brand or model. If this isn't an option in your area, contact the fly shop and talk with one of our experienced staff. Let them know what you've liked in the past, which fly rods you currently fish, and how you plan to use the rod. We can talk you through the different options and create an outfit that will add to the enjoyment of your time on the water, whether targeting 10" Trout or 150-pound Tarpon; we have the know-how and experience to fulfill your tackle requirements. We carry the best fly rods available from Winston, Scott, G.Loomis, Sage, and Echo, with a few Sweetgrass Bamboo Rods in stock if you want to go "old school."

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