"Where Will You Go?"

In a book published after his death, Ben Hur Lampman asked the question, "Where will you go?" I have carried copies of this collection of stories and shared them in my personal travels to places near and far. It is a small gift to inspire thought and perhaps a little adventure.

As we transition into winter and stay bundled near the fire, I ask you this same question. Where will you go? Do you have plans for the upcoming year, and where will they take you? Is there a place you've always wanted to fish but have yet to get around to? Is there a species of fish on your list that swims in distant waters you wish to visit? Is there a river that you've dreamed of but never waded? Where will you go? Where will the adventure take you?

Having worked to inspire you over the years with my personal adventures and hosted trips, I often ask myself, where will I (we) go next? Fortunately, I have a loving wife who thrives on angling adventures and is always willing to test the waters of a new fishery. For this, I am truly blessed. Jennifer is also very much at home around a campfire or on the deck of a flats skiff. Just put the right rod in her hand, and she's game for anything.

So, as the warm memories of Cuba fade with the plummeting temperatures, we now look toward the coming months, making plans to inspire you once again with angling adventures near and far.

First on our calendar for the new year is a return visit to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. I was fortunate on my last visit and would like to share this exciting fishery with Jennifer. In turn, she would like to share the natural wonders of Utah, a state that I have never spent much time in but have always wanted to photograph. So, a road trip is in the works for early spring that will take us through Oregon, California, Nevada, and, of course, Utah. Currently, Lathontan Cutthrout is the only species on the list for this trip, but that is subject to change as plans develop.

Then, just as the Salmonfly hatch is winding down in May, we'll be off to Mexico for a week of Bonefishing, chasing Tarpon, and seeking the elusive Permit in Xcalak, a place neither of us has visited yet. We're hoping the migratory Tarpon are around so we can test out our 12wt rods, and of course, Jennifer has her eye on a Permit to add to her list.

We'll return to summer here in Oregon, with plenty of options for local outings to the Metolius, Deschutes, and other favorites. We may even sneak in a trip or two up to Puget Sound in the Whaler. So many choices.

Then, it's time to plan our fall Trout Bum Road Trip. This time, the focus will be on Montana, with a short dip into Yellowstone to redeem ourselves on Slough Creek and visit our favorite rivers in the Park. We love this time of year across the West, but Yellowstone holds a special place in our hearts, and we can't stay away.

By the time we wash the dust off Griz and put our Trout rods away, it will be time to pack up our saltwater gear again for our return to Cuba. While this adventure is over a year away, I can hardly wait to revisit this fascinating country and prolific fishery. We'll be making a few changes to the itinerary and gear list that should make it even better than our first trip. Again, I can hardly wait.

So, as the chill of winter wraps its clammy hands around us, warm yourself by the fire and ask, where will I go? Then, start the process. Adventure is necessary. We'll see you on the water.

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