We are fast coming into one of our favorite times of year, the salmonfly hatch. This is the time when the big bugs start their migration to the shore, so they can climb out onto the river bank and hatch. 

Every guide and fly tyer always has a trick or two up their sleeve. I certainly don’t want to play all of my cards, but I might share one here and there.  

I have been fishing the salmonfly hatch for well over 20 years and I know how important a good salmonfly nymph is, especially in the early part of the season. When I’m tying/designing a lot of my trout flies one of the keys for me is simplicity. I want a fly that is easy and quick to tie. 

This fly came together really quickly for me as it was a riff on a number of classic stonefly nymphs I have used over the years. Turning it into a euro nymph and stripping off all the excess was an easy simplification.

Give this stonefly nymph a try, I’m sure you’ll like it!

Link to the fly tying kit


Link to the actual fly

Rib Roast Black


Rib Roast Golden



Hook: Fulling Mill Jig FM 5045 Size 8

Bead: 4.6mm slotted gold bead

Lead: 12 wraps .020 lead

Thread: Red Veevus 10/0

Tail: 2 Black goose biots

Body: Black V rib nymph sized

Wing case: 2 strands large opal tinsel

Abdomen: peacock black ice dub

Legs: 2 sets rubber legs

Coat wing case with UV resin


09 Mar 2023
Andy Jensen
As always a full corse meal from the Fly Czar!!
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