The Improved MFFR

The MFFR has been my go to Salmonfly for as long as I can remember, it just plain works, but sometimes I like to change it up a little. So last year I started playing with a couple of ideas. my thought was I needed it to be a little tougher, and could it be more lifelike. My original MFFR is not tough but they are easy and quick to tie, so I don;t mind sacrificing them to trees and bushes, but after a few fish the hackle comes apart. The obvious choice was to add a wire rib, Originally I tied this fly with a wire rib but I wanted more buoyancy so I removed. As for the lifelike, I thought I could add the black egg sack and some rubber legs, and viola the Gen two has arrived.


Hook: TMC 200R size 4

Thread: UNI 6/0 Fiery Orange

Tail: Black Fettuccine Foam

Body: Orange Fettuccine Foam with the top and bottom colored black with a sharpie

Rib: Fine Gold Wire

Hackle: Saddle Hackle palmered up the fly with as many wraps as possible- 15-20 wraps

Wing: Calf tail

Legs: Medium Barred Sex Floss Copper Brown

Hackle: Brown Neck Hackle with as many wraps as possible


15 Mar 2023
Jeff Hollamon
Well Done
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