Deschutes River Weekend Forecast

If you were planning on hitting the Deschutes this weekend, you might want to rethink your options and take a hard look at "Plan B." Our sudden heatwave is rinsing snowmelt down most watersheds in a runoff we haven't seen in quite some time. At last look, the Deschutes looked like a SpaceX launch that is just about to hit the stage 2 booster. The forecast for the foreseeable future has the river remaining well above "normal" flows. Of course, forecasts are only forecasts; what happens in the next few weeks will depend on our weather.

Still, if you NEED to go fishing, you do have a few options. Obviously, the Metolius is one river that tends to stay clear, but it, too, is not immune to high-water events and muddy flows. The good news is that the upper river above the gorge normally remains fishable no matter how high the lower gets, but, being the only game in town, you may find plenty of company.

Then you have our "Spring Trout Tune-Up" this Saturday here at the shop. The weather is shaping up to be beautiful, and we have plenty of free clinics and solid information to share. Check out the calendar of events and join in on the fun!

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