Plummeting Tungsten Beads
Tungsten Beads in different sizes and colors to cover all of your fly tying needs.
20 beads per package
$ 7.95 Excl. tax
Senyo's Micro Trout Shanks
Tie scaled-down articulated flies with lifelike movement.
$ 7.50 Excl. tax
OPST Swing Hooks
All OPST Swing Hooks come barbless, causing the minimum possible amount of damage and stress to fish and people alike. The slightly upturned eye produces an optimal line of pull into the fish, and enables proper fly assembly when using shanks, tubes and s
$ 4.95 Excl. tax
Krystal Flash
Most used flash material on the planet.
$ 4.95 Excl. tax
Black Barred Rabbit Strips
These Black barred rabbit strips add a little something extra to your flies. Perfect for Sculpins, steelhead flies, and saltwater patterns.
$ 5.95 Excl. tax
Fly Fish Food Small Stonefly Chenille
The perfect chenille for the infamous Pat's Rubber Legs
$ 3.75 Excl. tax
Micro Rabbit Strips
Cut narrower than our 1/8” and ideal for smaller leeches, zonkers and bonefish flies.
$ 3.95 Excl. tax
Loon Vise Pawn
$ 10.00 Excl. tax
Angora Goat Dubbing
$ 2.50 Excl. tax
Variegated Chenille
$ 3.95 Excl. tax
Whiting High & Dry Hackle Full Cape
Whiting Farms High & Dry Capes have are large variety of uses from dry fly feathers ranging from size 10 to 18’s to larger feathers for buggers size 6 to 8. They are also now available in brighter colors which work great for steelhead and salmon patterns.
$ 60.00 Excl. tax
Collaring Schlappen
$ 3.95 Excl. tax
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