Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Double Taper Fly Line
Floating Specialty Taper
Compound taper, supple coating, low memory

Great all around trout line that excels in short to medium casts, delivers those delicate dry flies.

Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, moderate delivery
$ 74.95 Excl. tax
Scientific Anglers Mastery Bluewater Express Sinking Line
Rapid Sinking Tip
Big power, big flies, fast sinking

Keeps flies in the strike zone

A single line that out performs two-piece lines

Extra strong Tropi-CoreTM design handles tuna and other big game fish (60lb break strength)
$ 79.95 Excl. tax
Scientific Angler Amplitude Smooth Infinity Salt
The Go-To Line for All Saltwater Species
$ 99.95 Excl. tax
Scientific Anglers Euro Nymph Kit
$ 24.95 Excl. tax
Scientific Angler Spey Lite Integrated Intermediate Skagit Head
Intermediate Integrated Light Skagit Line
$ 89.95 Excl. tax
Scientific Angler Amplitude Smooth Anadro
For Nymphing Big Rivers
$ 99.95 Excl. tax
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