Winter Flux

It’s a new year and that means a fresh start and the beginning of winter steelhead season. I personally love the volatility of winter steelheading. The rivers are constantly in flux, with lots of rain, and time spent in your personal Goretex shelter. 

I spent the 1st in the shop finishing inventory which has become our new year tradition, followed by a day on the river with two of my good friends, Rob Perkin and Larry Atchison. 

I haven’t been out since mid-November, I guess too many things just got in the way, so I have definitely been looking forward to this day. 

We met up early and ended up having a reunion at the boat launch with a bunch of other guys, including Brian Silvey, Travis Johnson, and Dave Hendrie. Apparently, I wasn’t the only guy looking to scratch an itch. 

We were the second boat to push away, and it was still very dark. The three boats all had a plan of action. We headed downriver and pulled into our first stop; Penthouse. Last year Rob hooked his and essential my first steelhead of the year there, and I know he was looking for a repeat. 

I sent Rob downriver to start in the middle, and Larry started at the boat. I just drank coffee and watched the events play out. It felt good to be back on my favorite winter steelhead river. 

Before long, Rob interrupted my coffee break by hooking a steelhead. It was cartwheeling and running downstream. Before long, Rob had tailed it, gave it a quick inspection, and sent it on its way. 

We made our way down the river enjoying the day and each other's company. 

If you haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet, I suggest you choose to spend more time outside, chasing fish and having fun with friends. And if you’re looking to catch a winter steelhead, you should start now. I know we weren’t the only people to catch one. 

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