Trout Spey and Early Season Tactics with Tom Larimer

Tom Larimer is driven by the pursuit of ‘never good enough’ when it comes to anything concerning fly fishing. This can be seen in his unquenchable thirst for creating, testing, and improving equipment, flies, and fishing techniques. To say he is a perfectionist is a vast understatement. This is illustrated by the numerous Spey lines he has designed for Airflo Fly Lines, the many fly patterns of his in the Solitude Fly Company catalog, and the multitude of other fly fishing products he has influenced or designed. The catalyst of his desire for functionality has been influenced by a 20-year guide stint pursuing steelhead, salmon, and trout, which took him from his home waters in the Great Lakes to Alaska, and finally landed him in the Pacific Northwest in 2002. In 2006 he started Larimer Outfitters and became recognized as one of the elite fly fishing guides in Oregon and Washington. In addition to guiding, he has shared his love for travel by hosting anglers on trips to British Columbia, Alaska, Belize, and the Bahamas. More so, his experience from years on the water and developing cutting-edge products has propelled him to the forefront of two-handed casting instruction. His well-known instructional DVD, “Skagit Revolution” showcases his unique and effective style of casting instruction. Although he retired from guiding in 2015 to become the National Sales Manager for G.Loomis Fly Fishing, he still loves to share his knowledge of the sport and continues to push the envelope in product design.



ZOOM Rewind of Tom Larimer as he shares tips, tricks, and techniques to bolster your early season Trout chasing. Trout Spey has become a popular option across the west for presenting streamers to hungry Trout during the shoulder seasons, and anytime a big fly is called for. Tom has worked developing the rods, lines, and flies for this specialized technique, but will also share tips to improve your chances with your shorter rods as spring-time draws closer.



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