The Triple Double

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The triple double is a Perdigon style fly I’ve been playing with for a while. The triple is the tritone body; flash butt, main body, and hot collar, the double is from the double tail of Coq De Leon and Glo Brite. Adding the flash and the Glo Brite to the rear of the fly makes it stand out a little more. It has that little bit of flash that might look like a bubble or maybe just twinkle, and the Glo Brite tail gives a little red trigger.


I started fishing versions of these flies about two years ago playing with different color combos and this chartreuse has been one of the best. This fly has worked year round on the Deschutes and I tie it in size 14,16, and 18.


Thread: Chartreuse UTC 70

Hook: Jig size 14

Bead: 3.8 mm silver slotted

Lead Wire: 8 wraps .015

Tail: Grizzly Coq De Leon

Tail 2: Glo Brite #4

Butt: Small Veevus Pearl Tinsel

Body: Chartreuse UTC 70

Collar: 10/0 Veevus FL Orange

Coat body with Solarez Bone Dry

Wing Case: Black UV Resin


Josh Linn
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