The Sexy Walt

The sexy Walt is a fly I have been fishing for a long time. I have known it by a different name, but it still had the same success. When I first started fishing, a simple green dubbed fly was a great green rock worm imitation, it also served double duty as a Caddis pupa.

This fly is one of those flies that’s easy and quick to tie and works in a variety of colors. I like tying it in olive, tan, gray, and natural rabbit sometimes, I will give it a contrasting collar so it looks like it has a little head. Lately, I’ve been fishing it as my anchor fly, but it’s equally effective tied in smaller sizes with a slim body  



Hook: Jig hook sz 14
Bead: Silver 3.8mm slotted tungsten
Lead: 10 wraps .015
Thread: Orange
Body: Hare’s Ear Dubbin
Rib: Small Mylar


Sexy Walt Flies

Sexy Walt Tying Kit


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