The Perpetrator

Hedging your bets when angling for Steelhead is a good way to keep sharp and up your chances of actually hooking a fish. By that I mean, when swinging flies for small numbers of Steelhead, it's good to swing something that might appeal to the more plentiful larger resident Trout. In the fall on the Deschutes, Matt's Perpetrator would be a solid choice.

Developed for the Steelhead streams of Southern Oregon and Northern California, the Perpetrator has found favor all across the Great Northwest.

Check out Matt tying the Perpetrator on video below.

Shank- 26mm Round Eye Aqua Fly Shank or Long shank streamer hook
Bead- Tungsten Bead
Senyos Intruder wire
Hook- Gamakatsu octopus hook size 4
Rib- Wire Brassie
Body- Golden Brown Ice Dub
Collar-Brown Mallard with a natural guinea in front
Head- Black Peacock Ice Dub


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