The Hareball Leech

The Hareball Leech

The Hareball Leech is one of the best Alaska flies there is and has caught trout, char, and every species of salmon.

This quick and easy to tie fly is maybe one of the best Alaska flies ever. A bulky silhouette with plenty of movement and the durability to last for an entire week of fishing provided your knots are good.


While a staple in the box of Alaskan anglers, the Hareball Leech finds its way into the collection of offerings on Oregon's North Coast in the winter months. Swung on a sink-tip or drifted into a swing in pocket water, the Hareball can be a game changer when you need something down and dirty.


Tie this fly with any color of rabbit you like and add a collar of Schlappen to top it off. If you are feeling wild make it a contrasting color; Black/Blue, Black/Chartreuse, Pink/Purple, whatever you like.



Hook: Daiichi 2141 size 1

Thread: FL Pink Danville Flat Waxed 210

Flash: FL Cerise Krystal Flash

Tail: FL Pink Rabbit Strip

Body: Hot Pink Estaz with FL Pink Rabbit palmered over

Collar: FL Fuchsia Schlappen

Eyes: 7/32 Black Dazl Eyes