The Hareball Leech

This quick and easy to tie fly is maybe one of the best Alaska flies ever. A bulky silhouette with plenty of movement and the durability to last for an entire week of fishing provided your knots are good.


While a staple in the box of Alaskan anglers, the Hareball Leech finds its way into the collection of offerings on Oregon's North Coast in the winter months. Swung on a sink-tip or drifted into a swing in pocket water, the Hareball can be a game changer when you need something down and dirty.


Tie this fly with any color of rabbit you like and add a collar of Schlappen to top it off. If you are feeling wild make it a contrasting color; Black/Blue, Black/Chartreuse, Pink/Purple, whatever you like.



Hook: Daiichi 2141 size 1

Thread: FL Pink Danville Flat Waxed 210

Flash: FL Cerise Krystal Flash

Tail: FL Pink Rabbit Strip

Body: Hot Pink Estaz with FL Pink Rabbit palmered over

Collar: FL Fuchsia Schlappen

Eyes: 7/32 Black Dazl Eyes






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