The Green Ant was published in Trey Combs Steelhead Fly Fishing Book in 1991, and was originally developed for the Snake and Clearwater Rivers in Idaho.

When I first started my journey into steelhead fishing one of my mentors told me I needed just three flies, The Green Ant, Deep Purple, and The Bloody Muddler. Over the years I have taken those patterns and adopted them and made small changes to make them mine. The Green Ant is still my go to fly and has accounted for hundreds of steelhead over the years.


The size 5 is a great searching pattern and tied on the smaller hook is a great comeback fly for when you feel that fishy pluck or pull of a non committal fish.



Green Ant

Hook: Silver Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron size 5 or 7
Thread: Black Uni 6/0
Tag: Medium Silver Tinsel
Butt: Ostrich Herl
Tail: Natural Pheasant Tippet
Body: Olive Uni Floss
Rib: Medium Silver Tinsel
Collar: Black Saddle Hackle
Wing: Natural Grey Squirrel Tail


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