The Glitterbomb Sculpin

The Euro Nymphing technique is more than just a nymphing technique. This system can be fished with a dry dropper or a streamer. You are just limited by the boundaries you set. Quite often this summer I fished with both of those techniques and was quite successful. Now that we are moving into fall trout are really starting to key into Sculpins and other large meals, so it seemed appropriate that we should turn our focus to a Euro Streamer.

This particular pattern is a variation on my tube sculpin, but following my euro nymph mantra of quick, simple, and fast sinking, I have tried to strip away as much of the excess as possible and add some flash and a hot spot. This little sculpin pattern fits that criteria completely. 

I have been fishing this fly on my normal Euro setup, I put the Sculpin on the bottom as the “Anchor fly” and in the first part of the drift I fish it as normal but at the end I twitch or jig the fly helping it to rise and swim at the end of the drift.  I’m sure if you give this a try you will find it to be very effective yourself. 

Link to the Glitterbomb Sculpin Tying Kit


Josh Linn
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