T.H.E. ( Trojan Hex Emerger) Fly


T.H.E. Fly (Trojan Hexagenia Emerger Fly)

Named after the old Trojan Nuclear Plant in Oregon this fly glows in the dark like a 3 eyed fish from Springfield. The Hexagenia Mayfly hatches in the evenings in some of our Cascade lakes, typically sometime after 8pm. This bug is mud burrowing then when ready to hatch it swims up to the surface in low light to emerge to become a adult. The Hex only briefly pauses on the surface before it flies off. An emerging pattern can be favored by anglers because of this quick exit by the bug. Hex fishing is fast and furious, it could last for hours or only 20 minutes, but the action can be so crazy anglers may see more rising fish in that 20 minutes then they see all year.



Hook: Daiichi 1160 size 8
Thread: 6/0 UNI Yellow
Shuck: Micro Rabbit Strip, Tan
Flash: Krystal Flash, Pearl
Abdomen: Ostrich Herl, Dark Gray
Rib: Ultra Wire, Brassie, Copper
Thorax: Czech Nymph Body Dubbing, Cream
Gills: India Hen, Natural
Wing Case/ Head: 2mm Foam, Yellow
Head Overlay: Atomic Glow, Green


  1. Start by tying in a small piece of rabbit strip as the shuck or “tail” then place a piece of Krystal Flash down each side to add some sparkle.
  2. Then attach a few inch piece of wire with 3-4 pieces of Ostrich Herl back to the rabbit. Then wrap the Herl up the shank about half way. Once that is tied in counter wrap the wire up to the same point.
  3. Now take about 1/4” width strip of the foam and tie it in with the excess sticking out the back of the fly. Then do the same thing with a strip of Atomic Glow but the excess out past the eye of the hook, glow side down.
  4. Now where the ostrich ends but in front of the foam dub the body to make the Thorax, stop and leave a gap before the eye.
  5. Put a few turns of Hen Hackle in front of the dubbing and cut off the rest.
  6. Then fold the foam over the dubbing and hackle and tie it down. Now pinch the foam and Atomic Glow together and fold it back over to where you just tied it down. Leaving a 1/4” bubble head past the eye.
  7. Cut off any excess foam and glow, whip finish around the eye but under the foam. This will help prop up the head.

When your ready to fish remember to bring a flashlight to charge the Atomic Glow

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