The Drag Queens

Last year around this time I posted a story on the blog about a fly I tied and a humbling experience that went with it. Here's the link to that post.


One Friday night I was at the tying desk working on some variations of a couple of successful patterns for an upcoming fishing trip. I had been tying a pheasant tail variation that had a hot tag tail. I had finished a couple that looked really great and I continued down that rabbit hole and things started to get a little wild. 

I took what was a great pattern and starting rooting around the desk to find what else I had that might be interesting. Right away I found some pink beads. So I substituted the pink bead for the gold I had been using. I tied the fly the way I had been. When I got to the thorax I substituted pink dubbing, whip finished the head and had a what the heck moment. Well, what the heck wasn’t really what ran through my mind..... that’s the PG version. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. This thing was ugly! All I could think was it looked like a Frenchie in drag, pink tail, pink boa, and a pink hat...

So I went back to tying my other version. 

I shoved all the flies I had tied into my pack including the ugly one.

I had some great success early on in the day with the good-looking ones and I lost a couple of them. I decided to tie on the one in drag. If I thought the others were good, this was way better. But I couldn’t shake the name. I showed the fly to Nick and said I think this thing is called the Drag Queen...


Hook- Fulling Mill Jig Force SZ 16

Bead- Slotted Tungsten Pink 3.3mm

Lead- .015 8 Wraps

Thread- 10/0 FL Orange Veevus

Tail- 4 Strands FL Flame Glo Brite Floss

Tail- 4 Pheasant Tail Fibers

Rib- BR Size Gold Wire

Body- 5 Pheasant Tail Fibers

Abdomen- STS Trilobal Dub FL Cerise


Drag Queen Tying Kit Drag Queen Flies


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