The Czech Princess

Josh Linn, our resident Fly Czar has been preaching the power of Euro nymphing over the last few months and filling our bins with patterns influenced by this technique. A devout Steelheader with fly boxes full of winter patterns, Mr. Linn has found an outlet for his winter fly tying by creating new Trout nymphs and revisiting old favorites.

This week, we'll take a look at a watered down version of the venerable Prince Nymph, Josh's Czech Princess. As you can see, this pattern is fairly basic while maintaining an air of mystery in its simplicity. Josh uses this pattern in his classes as a jumping off point for Czech nymph creativity, encouraging the students to revisit some of their favorite patterns.

The Czech Princess has proven to be effective during our winter and early spring Trout fishing adventures and will most likely continue that trend throughout the year.

Hook: Jig hook sz 12
Bead: 3.8 mm Gold slotted tungsten bead 
Lead: .015 12 wraps
Thread: Red Veevus
Tail: 4 strands of Red Glo Brite floss 
Rib: Fine gold wire
Body: Peacock ice dub
Collar: MFC Henrys Fork CDC brush

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