A collection of cast-off materials left on my bench after a tying session, this pattern accounted for my first North Umpqua Steelhead. Later while savoring lunch in celebration at the Steamboat Inn I inquired about the Summerberry Pie. Upon learning it was a collection of all of the berries of summer left over from other pies, I knew I had found the perfect name.

This pattern continues my infatuation with Peacock feathers; sparkling in the water with a natural iridescence. It also is tyed on my favorite straight-eye hook, the 2151. 

Thread: UTC 70 Black
Hook: Daiichi 2151 sz. 2
Tag: Flat Mylar Tinsel (silver)
Butt: Hot Pink Flat Waxed Nylon
Body: Purple Ostrich
Hackle: Purple Guinea 
Wing: 2-Peacock Breast Feather

The Boss
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