Single-Hand Skagit Casting with James Millard from OPST

I will be the first to admit that Skagit Casting is NOT my favorite pastime. Give me a floating line and a beautiful classic fly and I'm happy. That said, there are many months of the year and fishy waters that I would miss out on if not for these big fly delivery systems.


Up until now, I have avoided using the relatively new "Single-hand Skagits lines," preferring a more traditional shooting head sinking line for chasing Trout and other species with streamers. Yet, I'm not too old to look at new tricks and recently enlisted James Millard from OPST to help me better understand the concept.


Our sport is currently exploding with innovation and specialty applications, and OPST is filling the gap between single-hand and Spey, with lines scaled down for lighter rods. Are these offerings a gateway drug to the long rods or just a new tool for single-hand anglers? Maybe both? I'll let you be the judge.


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