Silvey's Super Sinker Jig

Brian Silvey is the master of the Dry Dropper. I am always prying into his personal business to find out what fly or flies he's been using. I would guess that after years of asking him that question 90% of the time he lands on Silvey's BH Caddis Pupa or the Super Sinker.


When Brian was here last week we got him to sit down and tie a couple of flies. When he was trying to figure out what to tie, I requested a jig and something good. I asked Brian what he needed and he said let me look in the trash and see what you have, "This is a trash fly".


So without further ado let introduce you to Brian's Super Sinker Jig. As well as the Recipe there is a video and a tying kit. The Kit includes enough material to tie 40 flies and as usual each kit gets a custom tied fly for a demo. Kits are limited at this point so first come first served.




Hook: FM 5045 Jig Sz 16
Bead: Tungsten Slotted Gold 3.2mm
Thread: Black
Tail: Black Hackle Fibers
Flashback: Medium Pearl Mylar
Rib: Black UTC Wire
Wing Case: Large Pearl Mylar
Legs: Black Hackle Fibers
Thorax: Peacock Black Ice Dub
Coat Abdomen With UV Resin


Silvey's Jig Super Sinker Kit




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