Secondhand Steelhead Report

Smokey skies and closed highways didn't detour the Fly Czar and his various sidekicks from hitting the Deschutes River this past weekend. Josh is still on his fall Steelhead quest, and reports fishing is "OK," with a few fish brought to hand each day. Water temps are good, but starting to rise a bit with this latest heatwave. The Deschutes is running colder than the Columbia, but the difference is getting smaller.


Sink-tips and big flies have been the answer when the sun is on the water, with floating lines and traditional fare pulling duty in the morning and evening hours. Things could change somewhat if it gets scorching hot this weekend. Fish early and then find some shade.


While most of our resident Steelhead expert's effort has been below Mack's Canyon, I did have fair fishing reports in the river above. Counts over Shear's Falls are still minimal, so focus your efforts on the waters downriver.


Trout fishing remains a good option if you don't have the patience for swinging. Caddis are the game, and evening hours have been magic in some favorite stretches. Euro nymphers have been giggling all day.


The holiday weekend usually signals the end to crowded campgrounds as families finish up vacations and head back to school. We'll have to see how that pans out this year. Jennifer and I will be staying pretty close to home for the holiday as Steelhead Camp kicks off on the 14th, and we have some packing to do. There is one spot open for the latter part of the week if you'd care to join us. We have a fantastic group, and I'm sure you'd fit right in!

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