Rob Crandall's Guides' Choice

This is one of those flies that I tie on when I go fish. Perfect for steelhead green water and a moment to myself; this is my fly. Our Northwest winter steelhead can’t resist this pattern.


During my first test run with this fly I was positive I had a trout tapping on it as it swung through green water. Then the tap became a tug, then tug became a heavy pull. Moments later I landed a scrappy 38-1/2” wild buck, my "Guides Choice" hanging from his jaw. 


The pink and orange combo is perfect for green water conditions and is especially good for those days when the water is just turning from too brown to perfect green. The Guides Choice can serve as a Chinook or Coho fly up north in Alaska and it is a home run fly when searching for the next 30 pounder from Washington’s Quinalt or Hoh River. The next time you look into your box for a fly to tie on, choose the Guides Choice.



Shank: Aqua Flies Return Eye Shank 27mm

Wire: Senyo’s Intruder Wire

Hook: #2 Gamakatsu Octopus

Eyes: Medium Painted Lead Eyes, White

Butt: UV Hot Pink/UV Red Ice Dub

Rear Wing: Rabbit Strip Fl Orange

Rear Wing Flanks: Ostrich, Pink

Body: UV Polar Chenille, UV Red

Front Stage Ball: UV Hot Pink Ice Dub

Front Hackle: Hot Pink Guinea 

Front Wing: Pink Ostrich and Hot Orange Ostrich

Flash: Flashabou, Opal and Fuchsia 

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