This pattern was originally created by Al Knudson for fishing Cutthroat on the Stillaguamish River in the 1920's. In the 1970's Mike Kinney altered the way the materials were tied in and the Reversed Spider was born. This is one of best cutthroat flies ever, and it has proven to be highly effective, not only for cutthroat and steelhead, but also in salt water for sea-run cutthroat, coho and even Chinook salmon.

The Reversed Spider is more of a style of fly than a specific recipe. Tie it it any color with any material and your going to have a winner. The secret to this fly is the hackle tied in facing forward to create that seductive movement.

Hook: Tiemco 200R size 10

Thread: UTC 70 Pink  (Color to match body)

Body: Shrimp Pink Ice Dub (or any color you like)

Hackle: Lady Amherst pheasant tippet (You can substitue any feather you like such as golden pheasant tippet, dyed or natural mallard flank or any well-marked duck flank, such as wood duck, teal or gadwall.)


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