Ready for Prime Time

The angling focus is swinging towards Steelhead as we watch summer slip away. Conditions on the Deschutes were favorable this week with cooler temperatures bringing welcome relief from the scorching heat. The White River behaved itself and only slightly colored-up the lower river on Monday. This is a day-to-day condition brought on by melting snow or heavy rain on the mountain. If cooler temps prevail, it becomes a non-issue.

Reports from below Mack's Canyon have been far more encouraging than the past few years, but fishing has been spotty. Rob Crandall checked in saying that fish were spread out, but there was probably another one close by if you found one. Keep swinging!

Josh and Peter Drifted to the Columbia over the weekend and brought several nice fish to hand. Listening to the adventure stories, I'm left wondering if Josh should be hosting a comical reality fishing show on the Disney Channel. Wait that might not be a good idea. Ask him for details as this is a family show...

Meanwhile, Jennifer and I camped at Mack's Canyon on Sunday, and despite our best efforts failed to connect with any Steelhead. Traffic was light, and we fished prime water, enjoying near perfect conditions, rewarded only with the river's beauty.

Evening Caddis hatches tempted us to grab the one Trout rod we had packed, but it stayed tucked away in the 4Runner. Big Redsides slurped happily into the evening without any interference from us. Trout chasers would be advised to fish late into the waning hours of the day.

Fires are burning across the state, so be careful as you make plans for the weekend. Check with local authorities and stay safe!

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