Put a Hex on You

Summer tends to pull us away from serious fishing as we wait for the golden weeks of fall. Yet, there are those plying the waters in search of Steelhead, Trout, and Bass during these warmer days...

Trout chasers are looking to our mountain lakes for the appearance of the biggest Mayfly of the season. The Hex hatch is popping and the Royal Treatment RECON Team as been bending rods in the evening hours up north. I've also seen a few snaps from my friend Marlon Rampy on the Williamson featuring these monster Mays. Call Nick for details and directions on local options.

Over on the Deschutes, it's mostly a Caddis show with a sprinkling of mini Mays to keep it interesting. Steelhead have started to sneak into the lower river and a few optimists have been rewarded for their efforts.

I've just returned from the southland and can report that the sunrises and sunsets of summer are beautiful in this part of Oregon. The full moon might have put a damper on the angling opportunities, but its appearance though the clouds was breathtaking. I watched the moon rise on Monday night over a stunning landscape and enjoyed every minute of a very peaceful evening before an early wake-up to swing a fly on the Rogue. While my efforts were futile, that didn't put a damper the experience.

Wednesday morning found me boots wet in the North Umpqua where I rose one fish to a skated dry fly but was unable to connect. The day went by far too quickly with visits to Lee Spencer and the Moores. Frank and Jeanne are well, but sticking pretty close to their cabin home. With a combined age of 188, Oregon's favorite lovebirds are enjoying the peace and quiet of their retreat above the river. And naps, lots of naps.

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