Who says you can’t put lipstick on a pig? I’m not saying Rob’s pattern isn’t awesome, but here is my little twist on Rob Crandall’s Provider. I like this version when the water is maybe a little off color or if you think your fly just needs to be seen. This pattern gets down quick for those deep slots and continues to just produce fish.




Shank: Aqua Flies Return Eye Shank 27mm

Wire: Senyo’s Intruder Wire

Hook: #2 Gamakatsu Octopus

Eyes: Medium Double Pupil Eyes, Red/white

Butt: Blue Ice Dub/Pearl Ripple Ice Fiber

Rear Wing: Blue Ostrich Hurl

Body: Black Schlappen, Red Barred Predator Wrap, Red Ripple Ice Fiber

Front Wing: Black Ostrich and Blue Barred Ostrich

Front Hackle: Red Guinea

Flash: Krinkle mirror flash


Start by attaching the intruder wire and eyes to the shank.

At the butt of the fly make a dubbing loop and insert the Ice Dub with a pinch of the Ripple Ice Fiber. (A little goes a long way) Spin it up then wrap this around the butt of the fly a few turns to make a dubbing ball.

Place a stack (10-15 pieces) of blue ostrich along the top of the shank slightly flared across the dubbing ball.

Attach the tip of the Schlappen to where the ostrich is tied in then make a compound dubbing loop which you’ll put half-length cut fibers of Barred Predator Wrap and a little bit of Ripple Ice Fiber into the loop with the Schlappen. Here’s the fun part... spin your loop and make sure to pick out the longer fibers with your bodkin to get an awesome flashy/webbie compound loop. Then wrap this up the body and stop slightly before the eyes.

Place a stack (10ish pieces) of black ostrich on top of shank followed by another stack of blue barred ostrich (10ish pieces)

Attach a few pieces of Krinkle Mirror Flash to each side of the fly to create a lateral line.

Then a few turns of red guinea hackle in front.

Whip finish, glue and it’s ready to fish. 


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