Elegant simplicity is how I think of the Peacock Spyder when I knot one to my leader and I've been doing that for over twenty-years. The pattern was born out of my wish to have a fly with a less noticeable profile than my Royal Treatment while retaining the natural iridescence of my favorite natural materials. The Chartreuse body gave a nod to my other go-to pattern, Dan Callaghan's Green Butt Skunk. 

Used primarily as a come-back fly, something I use when a fish is encountered but won't hang on, the Spyder has just the right amount of sparkle to change their mind. 

Thread: UTC 70 Black
Hook: Daiichi 2151 sz. 2
Tag: Small Oval Tinsel (silver)
Body: Chartreuse Flat Waxed Nylon
Rib: Small Oval Tinsel (silver)
Under Hackle: Black Secondary Pheasant Plume
Hackle: Peacock Breast Feather

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