Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

Mr. Skittles goes North...

I received a notice from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police this week and inside the envelope was a fine for littering and a note scribbled on the remains of a Skittles bag. Perplexed about both I read the note and then taped the citation for $100 CAN to Nick's candy stash here in the shop. It seems Mr. Skittles was attempting to forward a fishing report and the battery in his phone was deceased. He proceeded to write the report on the only handy surface he had, but a gust of wind carried it off to be found by the local authorities. Seeing our address written in melted candy they assumed we would be happy to pay the fine for littering in exchange for the note. They were wrong. 

In deciphering this chicken scratches on the fruity wrapper I gathered that Nick got at least one day of fishing on the Bow River during his vacation and fooled the impressive Rainbow pictured above on his favorite hopper pattern. The rest of the message was unreadable so we'll have to get an in-depth report when he returns next week. If they let him out of the country...

In other news, I made a trip down to the Rogue River to spend some quality time with my favorite fly swinger and brought a nice fish to hand on a Royal Treatment on Monday morning. The flow is up on the Rogue, but the fish seem to be happy as news of other encounters have been reported.

This coming Sunday, we'll be heading off to Steelhead Camp with Water Time Outfitters and a merry band of optimists. Reports haven't been red hot, but there are fish around. We aren't off the water until Thursday, but I'll try Nick's note in a bottle trick and let you know how it goes.