Nick's Silver Bitchen Shad Fly

Well, Silver Bitchen is quite possibly the best fly ever created. It might have even been a part of the 11 commandments but broke before it was delivered to the people, hence why it’s now the 10 commandments, we’ll never truly know. It catches all fish at all time, and it really should be the only fly sold at all fly shops as its THE CHUCK NORRIS of fly patterns. I once heard that an angler cast it into the water and all the fish in the river that day jumped into his boat, completely defeated without even being hooked. 
Enough said. *&%$#@! Fish it. 




Hook: 3761 size 6
Eyes: Medium Bead chain
Tail: Pearl Krystal Flash
Body: Mylar Tinsel size 12
Head: Danville 210 Thread Fl. Fire Orange


Step 1: Start off with attaching bead chain eyes 1/3 of the way down the length of the hook from the eye.
Step 2: Tie in 8-12 strands of Krystal Flash as the tail of the fly.
Step 3: Then wrap the Mylar Tinsel up the hook starting at the tail ending at the bead chain.
Step 4: With your thread make a diamond shaped head using the bead chain eyes as your widest section of the diamond.
Step 5: Cut your thread and glue your head. Two coats of glue will normally give you a nice glossy looking fly.




Silver Bitchen Tying Kit Silver Bitchen Shad Fly


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