New Product: Simms Waderhosen

It is a long-held truth that Montana Trout fishing guides only wear waders to keep the Grey Poupon from staining their jeans. After all, those are the folks who gave us wading sandals and rubber-soled wading boots. Out here in the west, we need wading gear that keeps us dry, warm, comfortable, and safe from slippery rocks. We need gear that works.

Enter the Waderhosen. When this abbreviated wader was mistakenly shipped to us, we had to laugh, but the response to the new Simms Waderhosen was off the charts! We’ve decided to take orders in advance of their release date. They will be available in ALL of the current Simms wader models and sizes, including women’s and youth versions of the new Tributary Wader.

Waderhosen will be offered at the same price as the regular models and include the same pocket configuration and accessories. Note: Bootfoot Waderhosen by special order only. Call the shop for details or check the website. The release date is the first of April, but we could start seeing them sooner if demand is high.... place your order today!


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