Mitch's Unbalanced Sculpin

The Unbalanced Sculpin was spawned from the Unbalanced Leech. By adding a few extra ingredients I figured I might be able squeeze an equally effective Sculpin pattern out of it. Little extra goat, a dubbing loop body, coupled with a trimmed hackle head. Right out of the gate it produced over my expectations on a number of waters, taking Brooks, Browns and Rainbows. It's simple to tie, very durable and fish eat it! What more could you want?



Hook: Fulling Mill 5045 Sz 8
Bead: Tungsten 3.3 mm
Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0
Tail: Black Barred Gold Variant Rabbit Strip, Brown Olive Angora, Burnt Orange Angora, Brown Angora,
Body: Light Brown Sybai Fine Flash Dubbing, Rabbit fur off of the rabbit strip, and Burnt Orange, Brown Olive, and Brown Angora
Head: Barred Dark Ginger Saddle Hackle



Mitch Moyer
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