From 50 feet away at 50 miles an hour, this fly might look like the ever popular W***ly B****r, but please, never call it that. Upon closer inspection, you will see that the Double Bug is much more sophisticated in design and tying technique than the common W***ly B****r. As I said, don't call it a W***ly B****r. You've been warned.

I made that near fatal mistake about a year ago as I was preparing for my trip to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Mitch Moyer had kindly tyed me a few of his latest creation and I was evidently out of the room when he announced the name. Now, in all fairness, I didn't specifically call it a W***ly B****r, I simply referred to it as "that W***ly B****r thingy." Mitch nearly took the flies back. Artists can be so temperamental.

Fortunately, Mitch allowed me to keep the flies because they really work. In fact, they work everywhere. Rainbows, Browns, or Sea-run Cutthroat, it doesn't matter. All of these have fallen for the Double Bug on rivers, lakes and salty estuaries. This pattern is so versatile it could be called "The Best D**n W***ly B****r Ever," but don't do that. Mitch would probably cut me off and never let me fish one ever again. That would be a bugger.


Hook: Tiemco 9394 Sizes 4-8

Thread: 6/0 Uni-Thread

Weight:.020 Lead Wire 7-10 turns

Tail: Marabou 

Tail: 4-6 Strands Krystal Flash in matching color

Body: In a dubbing loop (Angora 50% / Rabbit 40% / Ice Dub 10%)

Rib: Small Ultra Wire & Bugger Hackle

Wing: Marabou & 

Wing:4-6 Strands Krystal Flash in matching color

Head: Hackle to match the body hackle palmered tight & folded back trim head flat on bottom & shaped top & sides

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