Mic Drop

In our continuing effort to keep the Trout mojo going until enough Steelhead show up to distract us from this Czech nymphing craziness, we present the Mic Drop. If you missed the performance by our Fly Czar, Josh Linn last weekend you were not alone. Just in the Portland area alone, well over one million people did not attend the Tyer's Table last Saturday. I can't imagine what would keep them away, but they stayed away in droves and missed seeing one of the best tying sessions of the season.

For those who attended, Josh treated to not only tying tricks but fishing and rigging suggestions as well. Josh laid it all out to make it simple and easy to understand. Even I get it now! In fact, I grabbed the leader he tyed up with flies attached and rinsed them out on the Deschutes last Monday. I can confirm that they work quite well.

When I asked Josh what he calls this pattern, he extended his arm, opened his hand and let the microphone fall to the floor as he walked offstage. What a rockstar!


Wing Case: Black UV Resin
02 Feb 2023
Andy Jensen
Only the best from the Fly Czar, get you some
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