Meathead Green Drake Nymph

The Meathead is a fly that was developed out of the need for a green drake nymph for fishing on the Deschutes and Metolius rivers. 

Green Drake nymphs are short thick nymphs with long tails. This version is tied on a jig hook with with a large tungsten bead and lead wraps to help it get down fast. The body is made with Uni Flex that is a spandex type material that when wrapped with more or less tension can adjust the size of the body. The last element that the fly needed was a hit spot, I didn’t want to do a hot color so instead I added the hot tail of red Glo-Brite floss. 

This fly has proven itself on both the Deschutes and Metolius rivers. So once the fly was proven it needed a name, and all I could think of was the tough little guy flexing its muscles because of the Uni-Flexx. So after a bit of brainstorming the Meathead was born.  



Hook: Jig hook sz 12

Bead: Gold 3.8mm slotted tungsten

Lead: 10 wraps .015

Thread: Olive

Tail: Red Glo Brite floss

Tail: Pheasant tail

Body: Uni Flexx Olive Dun

Rib: Gold wire BR

Flashback: Green Mylar

Abdomen: Olive Peacock dubbing




Meathead Tying Kit Meathead Flies



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