Love at Burnt Creek

This past weekend, my good friend Larry introduced me to the North Umpqua, a river that he believes every steelheader needs to experience at least once in their lifetime.  I had heard stories about the gin-clear water, the glassy tailouts, skating flies, and the rich traditions set forth by the likes of Zane Grey, Dan Callaghan, Joe Howell, and Frank Moore but never had the opportunity to fish it myself.

As soon as I stepped in at Burnt Creek and made my first cast, I instantly fell in love with this river and finally understood why those who have fished it hold it in so close to their hearts.  That love continued to grow as we hopped between Marster’s Bridge, Elevation, Champagne, and the Camp Water.  The North Umpqua is unlike any river I had previously fished, and even after the devastating fires, is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

We fished hard all weekend, sticking mostly with bombers and muddlers, and though we didn’t raise any steelhead, the anticipation on every cast was enough to quickly form an addiction to skating dries. So long, for now, North Umpqua, I shall soon return.

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