I could give you a Million Reasons to add this pattern to your collection of winter Steelhead flies, but most would be superficial. When you look at Lady Gaga you see a lot of fluff and flash, but is there anything beneath the glam? Is this just another over-the-top dressing? Have you seen "A Star is Born?" That girl can act... wait, were we talking about flies or rock stars?


The Lady Gaga rocks the Steelhead world with its combination of color and movement as it dances through the current. The contrasting black, blue and pink have been extremely popular with the BC steelhead crowd and local anglers over the years. I can remember transporting 4-dozen "Strung-out Rockstars" of similar color to a clandestine meeting with a customer in Smithers who had used up his supply. That pattern has faded into history as Lady Gaga takes the stage.


Tye them or buy them, this pattern uses readily available materials tyed on Pro-tubes, but we try to keep the fly bin full.



Tube: Protube 40/40 Pink

Rear Collar: Hot Pink Saddle Hackle

Tail: White Ostrich Barred

Rib: Silver Oval Tinsel

Body: Large Pearl Tinsel

Shoulder: Blue Craft Fur

Collar: Fl Blue Spey Marabou

2nd Collar: Black Saddle

Flash: Copper Flashabou

Wing: Grizzly Saddle

Eyes: Heavy Lead Eyes

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