Klamath Intruder

When Doug from Aqua Flies first showed us this fly we knew immediately that it was going to be a winner. For us and many of our customers, this fly has been a go-to for Fall Steelhead in the Columbia River Basin.

If you are planning a trip to the Deschutes, John Day, Klickitat, or Grande Ronde make sure you have a box full of these little terrors.

Shank: Aqua Flies 27mm Return Eye Shank
Wire: Senyo intruder wire
Hook: Aquatalon hook size 4
Butt: Ice Dub 
Flash: Krinkle Mirror Flash  
Legs: Micro rubber Legs 
Body: Crosscut Rabbit
Horns: Lady Amherst Tail
Eyes: Barbell or Bead Chain eyes 

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