It Ain't Over

While that famously plump singer hasn't loosened up her vocal cords just yet, she is standing just offstage and ready for her solo to put the 2024 Salmonfly hatch in the rearview mirror. Consistent is not the word to describe this year's frivolity; nevertheless, many have ventured out with some success between weather events, and there is still time to get your 3x licks in.

As we transition into June, the 'big event' is starting to wind down, with most of the big bugs making their appearance from Warm Springs down through White Horse. The fishing has been sporadic, but with a bit of exploration, you're likely to find bugs in the bushes or in flight. Even without visible signs, a well-placed MFFR can still lure fish to the surface. For a better chance, consider the Hopper/Dropper technique when exploring areas without active risers.

Yellow Sallys, PMDs, and the odd March Brown are also scoring hits to the bullseye for dry fly believers, but, as mentioned, Hopper/Dropper is a great fallback position. Back up your dry with a Caddis Pupa or PMD nymph. I'm old-school and still go with Silvey's Super Sinker when dipping under the surface.

Green Drakes are still an option, and the current weather forecast calls for warm weather and partly cloudy on Saturday and Sunday; it could happen. Don't leave your Green Drake box in the truck. In fact, go pull out a few flies right now and stick them in your hat. You can thank me later.

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