At first glance, the Holo Humpy looks like an exercise in overdoing an old favorite, and that is probably the case. Yet, when you look at the "improvements," you see that the new add-ons are definitely fish-catching accessories. The newly improved foam back adds to the floatation, while the high-vis wing makes it easy to see. The holographic body material is far sexier than the traditional floss ever thought of being. Then there are the rubber legs that add tantalizing movement that fish can't resist. Yes, sometimes overdoing it is doing it just right.

This is a great fly for imitating terrestrials or a whole handful of other big delicious bugs. The Holo Humpy works well on rivers or lakes and has enough foam to stay afloat in choppy water. Sea-run Cutthroat on the coastal rivers love this pattern. Fish it skated across the surface or just dead drift it over likely holding spots.


Hook- TMC 3761, 6-18
Thread- Veevus Thread 14/0 Black
Tail- Moose body hair
Overbody- Black foam
Underbody- Puple Flashabou
Wing- Small clump stacked up of Parachute Post pink over white and Pearl Krystal Flash
Hackle- Brown Saddle Hackle
Legs- Fine Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs


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