GTI Caddis


The Fly Czar is always on the hunt for new fly patterns to fill our bins. His vast knowledge of all things angling has added a special dimension to the shop and our collection of fly patterns offered. Lately, he's possessed with the Czech nymph craze and found this GTI Caddis in his search of the wacky world-wide web. Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see this pattern would be right at home on the Deschutes and some of our other favorite streams.

Not one to leave well enough alone, Josh changed up the bead and dubbing color to put his stamp on this net-building Caddis pattern. The fish seem to agree with the modifications. 

We have found this Caddis to be a great one-two punch with a Perdigon Mayfly as the dropper and the GTI bouncing on the bottom. Presenting these two types of Trout snacks at the same time increases your odds of hitting on the hatch the fish are seeing. Tye up a few of these and test them out this Friday on the Deschutes during our Black Friday Fish-a-long. Josh tells me this is his new Go To Imitation for subsurface Caddis.


Hook: FM- 5065 sz 12, 14

Bead: Black Tungsten Bead- 3.5 or 3 mm

Lead: .015 12-16 wraps 

Tail: Two pieces of Peacock Herl

Rib: Peacock Krystal Flash

Counter rib: 6x tippet

Body: Green Hares Ear Dubbin

Shell back: Orange Scudback

Head: Ice Dub Peacock Black



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