#FliesforRich Good News Update

 If you tye traditional Salmon Fly patterns and hang out on YouTube, then you know... 

“Fly Tying With Rich LaMonte”. The warm-hearted and inspiring instructional videos from Rich have well over 1000 followers, fellow Anglers who love the history and precision-making details found only at the tying bench. 24/7/365, Rich is always using his nasal cannula on high-flow oxygen due to his genetic lung disorder, which claimed the life of his father. Rich has a rare condition called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). He and his girlfriend (now fiancé!) Tracie knew things had been getting worse, and at his last check-up, the report showed Rich’s lung function had declined 50% since December 2022! A double lung transplant was imminent and desperately needed! And with that comes all of the medical bills, costs of traveling, and having to move from NY to PA for a time. 

In the last few months, Rich has been wheelchair-bound and literally fighting for his life and praying that a miracle of a lung transplant and perfect match would come about for him. The more than 1/2 a year of struggling to breathe/walk/live on his own with failing lungs was taking a major toll on his body. The first attempt to get on the lung transplant list was a denial and only pushed us all harder to rally around this incredible couple who have warrior-like charisma! Devine hand pushed the avenue for donor transplant acceptance for Rich, and through an absolute miracle, has now successfully received a lung double transplant as of three weeks ago on Aug. 16, 2023.

Knowing that the LifeFlight flight and so many other medical expenses and living expenses would occur over the next several months, our cherished friend and talented fly tyer, Brittany Davenport, helped put together a Gofundme page, entitled “Flies For Rich”. Watching the incredible outpouring of love and financial support from Anglers across the globe to help this cause has truly touched everyone involved. 

The diligent day-by-day updates from Rich’s beloved, Tracie Maloney, have been nothing short of dedicated, heartfelt, sincere and genuinely inspiring. 

“The IPF journey is a rough road filled with many potholes and many twists and turns. Rich has been through hell. It is such a relief to know that while it's still not going to be an easy road to recovery, he has a new life ahead of him that will be filled with so much joy, fun, and love. Six weeks ago, I thought we were going to lose him."

My prayers and love to the family that will always grieve this date; Aug 16, 2023; This date will be celebrated by our family in honor of Rich's new life and in memoriam of the donor. God bless and much love to everyone involved in this event.”- Kimmy LaMonte (Rich’s Sister)

We hope that this update sends shockwaves of hope into your life, and if you are moved to help, please follow the GoFundMe link and make a donation.

If you make a donation of $100 or more, send a copy of your receipt to me, [email protected], and I'll enter you to win a copy of my "Steamboat Leaper." The first ten people to donate $100 or more will be entered. If anything, just be praying for continued success in this critical time of healing for Rich!

Fundraiser for Rich LaMonte by Brittany Davenport: Help Rich get some new Lungs!



Jennifer La Follette
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