The Fly Czar is always on the lookout for fresh patterns to add to the collection of proven winners here in our fly bins. With Caddis taking over as the "hatch of the day" it's no surprise that we feature the Finfetcher Caddis as our fly of the week. While most of us carry a large assortment of Caddis patterns, finding one that sets itself apart from the rest is hard.

The Finfetcher ticks all the boxes when it comes fly design and fishability. The pink parachute makes it easy to spot in choppy water, while the Grizzly/Brown hackle keeps it floating. Add a touch on Peacock herl to the body and you have the perfect Caddis pattern.


Hook- Daiichi Dry Fly Hook sz 10-18
Thread- Brown Uni 8/0 .
Parachute- Hot Pink Para Post
Body -Cinnamon
Underwing- Spooled Antron Tan
Wing- Partridge tips (2 tented on each side)
Hackle -1 each Brown and Grizzly hackle
Thorax- 2 strands of natural Peacock


1. Start thread and tie in Para post.
2. Tie in selected Hackles onto hook and continue onto post.
3. Dub abdomen
4. Tie in antron underwing
5. Tie in tented Partridge feather tips (2 on each side)
6. Tie in 2 strands of Peacock and wrap Thorax.
7. Wrap Hackle, pull tips forward and tie off under hackle/behind hook eye.
8. Trim hackle tips away and whip finish.
9. Add head cement for durability.
10. Go catch magic hour big ones!

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