Dialing in your Spey Outfit

When a set up gets properly dialed in AND our casting mechanics fall into place, we look for more reasons to fish! If you are not head over heels with your current set up or pleased with how you roll a line out over the water, let me know; I will take the guesswork right out of it all while adding the fun factor back into your Spey game!


Travis Johnson has a saying, “no one wakes up in the morning and says, ‘let’s go Skagit fishing.’ “ but it’s a reality we all face with the changing seasons and the need to get down deep when the sun is up midday. While maybe the sentiment is not true for some, it’s undoubtedly the majority who love to send a Scandi line rather than throw a heavy sinking set up.


With regular Skagit season just around the corner, I have been determined to find a winter rod that I love casting in the 6-7wt range. Prying my fingers away from a 5wt Scandi is a bit like having to kiss the chickens goodbye before a float trip...it ain’t pretty..!


This weekend, happiness was found, and I am reporting a sweet Skagit set up with the 6128-4v @cfburkheimer set with a Rio Skagit Short Max at 425g and 10’ tip of T-11. The balance on this hand-rolled wonder came alive with a change in weight of the reel. Switching from a Hardy Taupo to a St. John did the trick; while both reels are the same diameter, at 3 7/8”, I found the slightly lighter feel of the ported St John the best balance overall. This Burkie is an absolute rocket and doesn’t wear on your shoulder throughout the day. The Flaming Pink Butt Skunk was a cherry on top, and I’m looking forward to spending the winter season swinging for Steelhead!

Jennifer La Follette
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