D Loop Tweezer Product Review


D-Loop Tweezer


Once in a great while a fly tying tool comes around that is life changing. Most of the time its some weird gimmick that costs over a hundred dollars and was probably made in Japan. This little gem is under fifteen and it’s not some tool you’re going to throw into the depths of your drawer after one use. Loon’s D-Loop Tweezer has many uses, the primary would be holding stacked materials and easily placing them into a dubbing loop.


Other uses include but not limited to:

-Grabbing beads and hooks

-Holding materials on your fly

-Staging clip


-Nose plucker

-S’more grilling stick

-Even a prison shank. Prison not included.


How I fell in love with the tool is using it for composite loops. This is were it was a total game changer for me. I’ve used everything from potato chip bag clips to my fingers to try to hold multiple materials and get them inside a dubbing loop, but nothing ever really works well. Usually it ends up with half the material falling out before you even start twisting and a lot of four letter words said loudly as the stuff falls to the desk. This tweezer almost makes it too easy, it holds the material perfectly till everything is in the loop ready to go, then releases everything with even pressure so almost nothing falls out. 



  1. How you would typically build out the material for a composite loop is similar to building a sandwich.
  2. We start with the bread, in this case dubbing. Just like anything with dubbing, a little goes a long way, so don’t use too much.
  3. Then we add the veggies, like flash or predator wrap.
  4. If you want some meat in your composite loop sandwich maybe add some fox or a little ostrich. With all of these middle material make sure to spread them out nicely, if they are all clumped together it can end up a mess of a ball when twisting.
  5. Finish off the sandwich with the top piece of bread or in this case a little more dubbing.
  6. Now its ready for the tweezers, pick it up, put it in the dubbing loop and twist to your hearts content.

You now have the perfect looking fly, take this moment in, and maybe go get a hamburger cause that made me hungry.



-Smooth tips

-Picks up beads and hooks of almost all sizes

-Z-shape holds materials while resting

-7.25" long



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