Cohens Door Stop

Two months ago we featured the first edition of this pattern as our "Fly of the Week." Many of you assumed that meant that Bryan would be in the shop tying this incarnation of the Posey Bugger when in fact he was out doing field testing. Over 50 people packed around an empty Tyer's Table to watch the master at work and were terribly disappointed when he failed to appear. Well, not too disappointed, there were homemade cookies to sample.

The pattern has undergone a few minor changes after field testing to improve its fishiness and is sporting a new name that reflects those improvements. Designed to get down in heavy current, the "Doorstop" is a perfect choice for a Czech nymphing "bottom fly."

Hook-Size 10 Fulling Mills 5085
Bead- Tungsten 4.6mm
Thread- Veevus 10/0 Black
Tail- Partridge Fibers
Body- Hare's Ear
Rib- Fine silver wire
Thorax- UV Ice Dub
Under Hackle- CDC
Over Hackle- Partridge
Collar- Black UV Ice Dub

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